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William Letter 10-15-1854

San Francisco
Sunday, October 15, 1854

My Dear Father & Mother,

I take up my pen with pleasure to write to you according to promise as I know you are willing to hear from me at any time I feel (   ) anxious to hear from you as it is to me a long time since I heard from you though it is on my own account for not writing sooner than I did. I have had a little bad luck since I wrote last. The day after I wrote I and another man bought out a man we gave 100 dollars for his machinery to make a kind of (Pudins) and Sausages pork (   ) (   ) my partner made them I thought all in (  ) sold out we (make) about 700 pounds per week. We sell them at 9 pence per pound we could make a good thing of it but a man that keeps a boarding house has failed.  We have (hard) work to get our (   ) so I am going to sell my share out.  I shall (lose) 30 dollars beside time well as regard my health it is good or better than it ever was.  I like California first (rate) and think it will be some time before I (leave) it.  It is true there are many here who would like to leave but they cannot get (   ).  They do not try for it.  I wanted to leave I could do it in 2 months (   ) though it is 150 dollars fare but if I work one day I get as much as I could for a week at home if I had not gone in (business) but (keep) to work.  I should

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150 dollars now.  I expect to start work in a day or two work a few weeks then go to the mines for the winter.  I should go to the mines right off but I want to find out if I can about (Holt) he is much to blame if he is (   ) or where he can write that he (   ) not for I have made much trouble to find him out and am (   ) (   ) some thing serious has happened for there is not a train of passengers come (   ) the I (   ) but some of them are robbed or murdered there where 3 killed the last (   ) that came in.  I have communicated with a man the other day who saw him (2-3) days after (   ) was (   ) and he said he would come forward as what was the consequence but he has never come through neither has there been any letters in this place from him.  If you have heard from him you must let me know now.  Father I thought much about what you said in the last letter I got in Boston and am lead to think some times that it would have been better for you if I had (stayed) in the Eastern States of America that is if you think of coming to America though it would be a very great and serious undertaking. Though I am confident as I am of my own existence that you could better your self.  There would be nothing in it but that you all would have to content your selves or it would be no good in fact it would be a trouble now you have Brother Joseph write to me let me know as quick a(   ) what you  think of him coming to the New England States.  That is


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(   ) or Connecticut.  I will raise a little towards it if you think fit for him to come.  Also I want you to answer my letters as quick as you get them as it takes them a long while to come and go.  I (   ) 6 weeks you must let me know also if you get my papers and send me one in every two weeks.  You will see the greatest forgery in the paper for this mail you ever read of also the (   ) of the finest (   ) boat on this side of the world.  The (forgerys) has bankrupt several firms in this city and caused a general stagnation in trade.  I shall write in one month so I have nothing more to say at present but wish you with the rest of the family where in as good health and spirit as I am.  If Mr. (   ) should inquire give him my respect to him.  Tell him I am waiting for a letter from ______________________ me to Uncle(   ) and family.  Uncle Joseph and Aunt Sarah also to Uncle James and Aunt (   ).  Aunt (   ) and all cousins tell Brother Joseph to give my love to the boys and girls say to (   ) (Fanny) I am in hopes she is married to the (   ) cousins I should like to hear how they enjoy themselves to (   ) (   ) (   ) (   ) my respects to (   ) Sutcliff.  I hope she is enjoying the sweets of (   ) and say that I do not speak to a (   ) (once) in a (month).  California is the hardest place to get a wife in of any place in the world. Tell Jackson (   ) Wood and Jack (   ) my respects remember me to (Grimshaw) and (   )

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>And all (   ) friends cousins (   ) I remain your affectionate son,
William Kirkman

You can direct William Kirkman
San Francisco
Don’t pay for your letters (They) come (safe) with at least every month. The news paper will not come if (they) are not paid for in the post office.

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