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William Letter 8-2-1853

South Boston
Tuesday, August 2, 1853

Dear Parents

I arrived here April 19th after spending 42 days on the (   ) no doubt you will have expected a letter before now but I have been rather uncertain as to where I should settle.  I have been out west about 160 miles.  Nuttall is there now.  I. Sherwood is down east about 140 miles.  I am in Boston.  I. Sherwood was with me 3 days last week.  He has engaged with a man to assist in starting some looms.  I left Bilsborrow to come to Boston to work in (   ) logwood shop but it was so dirty I left it though I had 25 English Phillips for ten hours.  I could have 25 Phillips in the same mill I was at but (they) work 13 hours to the day.  I. Sherwood will go there when he gets through with the man he engaged (with).  I am at work in a file cutting establishment.  I am to have the first block that is vacant if I wish to go prentice for (   ) year. But I have a better chance I intend to go to learn the (machine)  (   ) with more wage.  I expect four dollars per week at the (machine) business.  It (would) be rather (   ) to learn file cutting (they) all work ten hours.  Board is very high.  I have paid (5) dollars ever since I came to Boston.  The (machine) shop is in Edgeworth 4 miles from Boston.  Board is 20 dollars 75 cents equal to (     ) It is different in the (country) where the mills are it is (2) dollars per week.  I am in good health and love the country (   ) very well and I think I can get along.  Wages are better here than at home.  (   ) (   ) and cloaths are higher here.  I have (   ) vests sold from the cloath we (fetched) with us for 15 (shilling) (English) other (   ) are the same in (proportions) this country (   ) remarkable for fine (   ) the girls got to mill in (vales)

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and parasols.  The men wear cloath ________ drink (nep) is (detested).  I think I can get along very well. I am (   ) I cannot give you more (particulars) at (present). We have sold all our cloath with the exception of 9 yards. (   ) (if) we have sold we paid no duty I am writing a letter to Mr. Nuttall.  Wish you will (get) to see (probably)  I ask (   ) it to us (   ) James for him to read it.  I will write to (you) in two months from this date.  Give my love to all (   ) (   ) Uncles ___________ tell Brother Joseph give my love (   ) intimate friends.

Yours truly William Kirkman

Direct to Mr. James Doughty
In care of (Lewis) Jones ___
No.9 Union Street Boston

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