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Adam West Exhibit

Local, Alumni, Actor, Superhero, Legend

Adam West Day 10-4pm September 24.

$5 per person

Adam West, star of the 1960’s Batman Series and Walla Walla’s Hometown Hero, can now add another item to his long list of accomplishments. He is now the star of an exhibition at the Kirkman House Museum!

Born in 1928, he attended both Walla Walla High School and Whitman College (’51) before finding his way into Hollywood. After appearing in a number of films and appearing alongside such notables as the Three Stooges, a chance appearance in a commercial lead to his greatest role. Chosen to play Batman, he created a character unlike any seen before or since. His dry humor, quick wit, and ability to always defeat the villain of the week set the show into a class of its own and not seen since. After Batman, he stayed in the public eye with appearances on The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy. Receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012, he cemented his place as a legendary figure before passing away in 2017.

The Kirkman House Museum welcomes you to revisit the life and legend of our Hometown Hero. In a reimagined version of Bruce Wayne’s 1960’s study, visitors will learn how this town played a role in creating his legacy, and how it remained a part of him throughout his life. Take a photo of yourself with the Batpoles! Check out the Bat Viewer! Trace the stages of his life, through his early years and into his post-Batman life! Come see, Come enjoy, Come celebrate the Life and times of the Greatest Batman Ever!

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