We are hoping to have this activity available in the fall.  Check back from time to time.

Murder at the Kirkman House

Someone has committed a murder at the Kirkman family home!

It’s up to you and your friends to figure out which one of Walla Walla’s fine citizens did the deed. In real-life Murder Mystery fashion, you must correctly name the murderer, the murder weapon, and the murder location. To find the answers you must search the House. In the dark. With only a dim lantern to light your path. Sound scary? It is! And loads of fun!

You and 4 to 7 of your fiends will choose from a cast of historical characters from Walla Walla’s past. One of you will end up being... (dramatic music here) the Killer and one the Master Detective.

Our local historical figures to choose from are:
William Kirkman - Butcher, entrepreneur, and owner of the house
Annie Mix - Widow and hotel owner
Dr. Blalock - Doctor, wheat rancher, and entrepreneur
Chris Ennis - Meat industry tycoon, hotel owner, and entrepreneur
JJ “Jake” Kauffman - Chief of Police, fireman, and entrepreneur
Levi Ankeny - Banker, United States Senator, and philanthropist
Mrs. Elam - Victim of the first automobile accident in Walla Walla
B.L. Sharpstein - Lawyer, state legislator, school board member
Kitty West - Notorious madam
S.V. “Frank” Davin - Trapeze artist and saloon owner

At the appointed time you will arrive at the Kirkman House and have 30 minutes to familiarize yourself with the rooms and displays. This is important because the game uses cards that may hasten your progress...or hinder it. Some of the cards are trivia questions you may have learned the answers to from your investigation of the House. Once the time has expired you will gather in the library to begin. The game is afoot!

Sessions will start as darkness arrives and you may reserve your seat at the table for $20 per person. We recommend you put together a group of between 5 and 8 people for the best gameplay. You may bring one bottle of wine to share. Click the link below to see available dates and times.

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Because of the Covid 19 Pandemic the museum will be closed for the rest of 2020.  Look for a reopening in March of 2021.

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