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Volunteer at the Kirkman House Museum!

The Kirkman House Museum is an all volunteer organization and as such is always in need of additional help. Some positions and tasks require special skills or education but many do not and the time commitment is up to the volunteer. Below is a list of specific needs we currently have. If you are interested in helping us fulfill our mission please contact t



We are looking for someone who can concentrate on driving our education outreach to schools. This would involve developing new content and taking our existing content and materials to the classroom along with bringing school groups to the museum. Time commitment depends on the volunteer availability.


Conduct tours of the museum and tell the family saga in an informative and entertaining manner. Training is provided and the volunteer should be able to take one three hour shift per week to remain proficient. This is one of the more fun jobs as you get to meet people from all over the world. The only requirement is to have a pleasant personality.

Grounds Maintenance

During the growing season there many tasks to be performed to keep the grounds looking nice. Current needs are for gardeners and weeders for as little as one hour per week. No experience necessary and time commitment is up to the volunteer.

Building Maintenance and Restoration

There are always these types of projects to be done some of which may require some specialized skill but many do not. Time commitment is up to the volunteer.

Board and Committees

Community members may also serve on the board or on a variety of museum committees which are listed on a separate page. Some committees are ongoing while others are for a specific event or purpose. Time commitment is up to the volunteer..

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