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William Letter 9-16-1863

Lilloett, BC
Wednesday, September 16, 1863

My Dear Father & Mother,

Your good letter of April is at hand.  I am happy to hear of your general good health.  Sorry to learn of the demise of Dear Uncle Joseph, but old Death is equally (sure) of us all.  I only hope that I may get as good a seat in heaven as the one he has.  (    ) You got the money all right.  It was rather a small amount  after so long a silence but I explained  to you in my last how I had met with reverse of fortune. Today I send 60 dollars to the Bank of B N. America. You will get a draft in the (course) of a few days for L12(pounds).  I want you to write me & let me know your real  condition.  I am afraid you have (suffered) more than you let on to have.  I have just got in my crop.  I suppose I told you I was a farmer & a butcher in my  last.  If things go on as I expect, I will


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be able to help (   ) (soon) (relatives) a little glad to hear Brother James is doing well. John writes fine.  Tell (    ) I think I (should) see him some fine (    ) & Martha (    ) won’t we have a good time.  But tell her not to get married to soon or (she) may not have time to show me round.  Tell Brother Joseph that I will catch him (in) his (    ) some day for thinking I was dead I suppose he is an awful big (L    ) by this time.  Give my kind love to James (    ) Elizam & Alice & their families.  Aunt Salley I hope is in good health & will be glad to see me some day.  Tell Uncle Wrightous & Aunt (Fanny) that I often think of them also Uncle & Aunt Duckworth & all my cousins.  I have to conclude as I never write (    ) the last hour. It is now 10 o’clock & my stove has gone out.  So good night & God bless you all.
William Kirkman 

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