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Play Ball

120 Years of Walla Walla's Favorite Pastime

What team in Walla Walla only played home games? When did the King and His Court first play ball? On what team that traveled to Walla Walla to play baseball did John Tucker play?

These questions and more will be on our baseball trivia game when you visit the Kirkman House Museum’s “Play Ball” exhibit. Come and play our baseball trivia game for an opportunity to win tickets to the Walla Walla Sweet’s baseball games this summer. Each week we will have a new trivia game with a chance to win tickets, a baseball, or a new baseball cap.

Just think Baseball, our “National Pastime”, is a game that is played in almost every community and has been played by most everyone in the United States today. Take a trip down memory lane and remember when you played baseball in the neighborhood or at school. Remember when you attended your first professional or semi-pro game. Remember when you or your children played little league or softball. We have it all here, at the Kirkman House Museum.

Come and learn and laugh as you visit the “Play Ball” exhibit. Read about the early days of baseball, the rivalries, the right to play baseball on Sundays and how one local citizen tried to stop Sunday baseball.

Come and check out the pictures of local players and see if you can spot your parents, your children and even yourselves, as you played ball here in Walla Walla. Make sure you schedule at least one visit to the museum this summer and take that trip down memory lane!

Baseball has always been exciting here in Walla Walla and the exhibit will change a little as the 2012 season progresses over summer.

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