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Tying the Knot

120 Years of Walla Walla Weddings

Walla Walla Valley residents have been walking down the aisle since the arrival of the first settlers. Tying the Knot features a fascinating variety of bridal gowns, artifacts, and the stories that accompany them from 120 years of local marriages.

This exhibit highlights the histories of dozens of dresses, revealing fascinating details about the lives of the wearers and offering an intimate insight into their circumstances and fashion choices.

Highlights of the exhibit are the 121 year-old gown, fitted in France, worn by Fanny Ann Kirkman and the recently acquired engraved wedding band of her mother, Isabella Kirkman.

The Walla Walla Valley has a rich cultural heritage and the exhibit includes gowns and wedding items from local Latino and Italian weddings. A unique feature of the exhibit is a Chinese wedding dress.

Multimedia presentations give a glimpse into Victorian wedding rituals, wedding music over time and will also feature some of Walla Walla Valley's “offbeat” and distinctly non-traditional weddings.

Weddings are more than the vows. Tying the Knot covers events and traditions that occur before the big day and after the ceremony: planning, hope chests, showers, decorating, and “going away.” Displays include local photos of those events plus wedding news clippings over time that describe the food, music, flowers and décor enjoyed by the guests.

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